Public Utility District #1
Of Jefferson County

March 20, 2006

Board of Commissioners
Dana Roberts, District 1
M. Kelly Hays, District 2
Wayne G. King, District 3

Dear Bywater Bay Water System Customer:
The purpose of this letter is to discuss the PUD's plan to improve the reliability and safety of that portion of the Bywater Bay water system that is serviced by a booster pump station.
After the most recent power outage incident we reviewed our procedures and liabilities within the Bywater Bay Water System. We contacted DOH for advice and recommendations. Their primary concern was the cross-connection potential that could occur during the power outage. Unfortunately, when Pope Resources built the system they designed it to sell property, not to provide utility service and as a result the highest location on the water tank is lower than the highest home site. Therefore, a negative pressure could result in the system during a power outage and result in water being back siphoned into the water system from individual homes. We do install single check valves at all the residents, however, this is not enough protection to meet the most current DOH regulations. The PUD does have a cross connection prevention program in place, which requires those residents that present a threat to the system to purchase and install an approved cross connection prevention device (see enclosure 1).

What the Board decided was that the PUD could pay for the purchase and installation of a fairly sophisticated generator set (over 7,500 dollars), however all the home owners will have to install an approved double check at their home site. The double check will have to be inspected annually by a certificated Backflow Assembly Tester (BAT). The PUD has a trained staff member; however we currently charge 50 dollars per visit.
I asked Mike McClure, our state certified Cross Control contamination Prevention Specialist to prepare information on what will be required. Attached is documentation on an approved assembly unit that he would recommend. The devices should be positioned after the meter; but before any water usage devices (lawn hydrants, sprinkler systems, etc.). They will remain property of the homeowner, The assemblies need to be professionally installed (by a licensed plumber); Mike will come by to certify the work was done correctly. The hardware will cost somewhere between 100 and 150 dollars; and there will be an installation charge. The area home owners may wish to get together and hire a plumber to install the devices as a group; this may save time and expense.

We appreciate you time and patience on this matter.
G. Parker PE

230 Chimacum Road / P.O. Box 929, Port Hadlock, WA 98339 PH (360) 385-5800 FX.(360) 385-5945