Back Flow Preventer Water Valve Requirement

The following comments and document are from Bob Phillips of PUD #1:

In additon to the document below, please be aware that backflow assemblies must be tested annually by a Certified Backflow Assembly Tester of which there are none in Jefferson County, at the present time.  Costs are $40 up, plus repair parts if defective, which would result in another visit and Test.  You might be able to get a special rate if several owners could be tested on the same visit.  Jim Parker and I feel that a double check valve is sufficient to prevent any back syphonage or back pressure problems associated with the Olympic Ridge situation.  A reduced pressure back flow assembly would be about $40-$50 more but is the highest level of protection from back flow hazard.  If you have any further questions or require further assistance, please call Bob Phillips at

Local Comments:
Several residents of Olympic Ridge installed this valve when it became a requirement from the PUD for them to install the backup generator at the pump house. Some were done by a plumber and at least one other did it himself. Also be aware that you may not need to add the valve box depending on where your water line comes into the house.

The attached .pdf file contains information about the Back Flow Prevention Water Valve requirement and cost. This file can be saved and printed from your computer by clicking on the link below.